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Ainsley Harriott's "Gourmet Express"

It's fast, it's furious - and that's just the food! Ainsley Harriott's enthusiasm and energy made him a stand out chef in Great Food's season. This year's series shows Ainsley at his personal and professional best: out on the road, interacting with other people as he scours Britain in search of seriously good fast food - the people who create it - cook it - and consume it. It's not about disposable junk food but real food made to order, the kind of food that will inspire creative cooks to want to try it at home. "Gourmet Express" is food for family and friends, for when you want something a bit different, and you want it now!

"If you've had a hard day working at home, in the office, or looking after the kids, there's always another job that awaits you --- cooking an evening meal," points out Ainsley.

"For an instant quick fix, you could order food in, but these meals are often quite pricey and not that nutritious. So, before you pick up the phone, have a look at Great Food and all the wonderful recipes which can be prepared in hardly any time at all. My programs are filled with interesting, easy-to-make meals that have the right balance of color, texture and flavor and taste great."

"Food has never been more exciting or inspiring than it is today, and we can now get fresh produce from all over the world in our local supermarkets. Hooray! In "Gourmet Express" I've combined lots of those fresh ingredients with cupboard items, an approach that fits in with the busy modern lifestyle. Great Food viewers will be amazed at what you ca knock up with a few potatoes, some bacon and a can of crabmeat. Just a handful of tomatoes opens up all sorts of exciting culinary prospects, and with a packet of pasta, some chorizo sausage and a few Italian cheeses, Mediterranean food can come into your kitchen with little effort and loads of taste. So remember to stock up on those cupboard goodies and you'll never be short of ideas at meal times - especially with "Gourmet Express" by your side."

Voted Good Food Magazine's Favorite Television Personality in both 1997 and 1998 in Britain, Ainsley Harriott is one of that nation's most popular television chefs. Ainsley makes regular appearances on television programs such as Can't Cook Won't Cook, Ready Steady Cookand Meals in Minutes.



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