About Great Food

Great Food Season Three
Old Favorites and New Faces

The third season of Great Food presents 39 new episodes that continue this series trademark themes:

  • six top-notch chefs
  • cooking glorious food
  • on location around the world

Four chefs from the James Beard Award Winning season are back. Gary Rhodes kicks off the new season with a series that shows him helping people in culinary predicaments; Delia Smith showcases the sublime simplicity of cooking at its basic essence in her How to Cook series; Ken Hom's kitchen is in a medieval tower in southern France to demonstrate foolproof wok cookery; and Ainsley Harriott explores the effect of modern times on eating in Gourmet Express.

Two new chefs join this illustrious line-up. Sophie Grigson leads viewers on a delightfully sunny path through Mediterranean cuisine and Rick Stein celebrates fascinating people and food trends in a series called Fresh Food.

Great Food Season Three is an incomparable survey of eating around the world, co-produced with the highest production values by the British Broadcasting Corporation and West 175 Media Group. Great Food is presented to public broadcasting stations by Thirteen/WNET in New York.



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